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Thank you for your interest in joining together with us on the educational journey for your family. If you have not already had a tour of our campus, please contact admissions to arrange a time to meet. I would be happy to answer any questions you may have and talk about the exciting opportunities that we can offer your child.

Applications are accepted at any time, but it is preferred that applications for the start of the school year be received and completed by April 30th. After it has been determined that there is space available in the grades requested, and we feel we are able to provide a suitable program for your child, we will arrange an interview with our Principal.  Applications cannot be approved without attending an interview.  A “New Student Orientation” will be scheduled at the end of August.

If you are applying for enrolment mid-year please allow a minimum of one week for the processing of your application. This allows for proper processing, assessment, collection of information and notification to take place.

We want to partner with you, the parent, to provide the education that serves your child for the rest of their life.

Tuition Info

Application Process Fees

Registration Fee (per new family)$100
Sibling application fee for current family$50
Tuition Deposit (per student, deducted off last month’s tuition)$100

Tuition Schedule 2016-17

# StudentsGradesAnnual TuitionHS PremiumTOTALMonthly Tuition
1Full-time K-8$6,2020.00$6,202$621
2K-8 and 9-12$7,845$350$8,195$820
3+K-12 0 in HS$8,3770.00$8,377$860
 K-12  1 in HS$8,377$350$8,600$860
 K-12  2 in HS$8,377$700$8,600$860
 K-12  3 in HS$8,377$1,050$8,600$860
 4+K-12  0 in HS$8,6980.00$8,600$860
 K-12  1 in HS$8,698$350$8,600$860
 K-12  2 in HS$8,698$700$8,600$860
 K-12  3 in HS$8,698$1,050$8,600$860

Please check one of the following payment options:

  • 2% tuition reduction for tuition paid in full by September 30th (not applicable to bursary recipients or Debit Machine payments RE: Debit or Credit Cards)
  • Post Dated monthly cheques (attached) or monthly e-transfers to [email protected]
  • Automatic Debit – (NEW Applicant, please see office for application)
  • I will be contacting you to make other arrangements.
  • Visa/Master Card Automatic Debit (NEW Applicant, please see office for application)

 (The $100 per student deposit will be subtracted from your June tuition payment of the following year)