Beyond the Classroom


As a student at Nanaimo Christian School I have the privilege of being able to tell you about the life that I have experienced at NCS. I would like to say first and foremost that the difference that I have noticed between NCS and public schools, in general, is remarkable. The atmosphere is totally different. At Nanaimo Christian School, community is an important theme and it shows. Because NCS is a smaller community it is very easy to make good friends at school.

Things to get involved in at NCS are numerous to say the least. Sports are a popular and fun outlet and our athletic director works hard to ensure there are a large variety of sports teams on the go. Intramurals at lunch are a blast; be warned however, dodge ball can get…intense.

If you are in high school and have a passion for music there is an awesome jazz band that welcomes new members. Have a flare for the dramatic? Our drama department is full of dedicated individuals who love to act and I know from personal experience Drama is one of the most fun classes offered at this school.