Trades and Technology

At Nanaimo Christian School we offer a wide verity of Trades and Technology programs. From the classics of junior and senior woodwork where you learn the basics of woodwork as a hobby to skills needed to work in the construction and woodwork trades.

In Electronics we explore the basic principles of electricity all the way through programming of digital LED displays and robotics. In the Drafting and Design class students develop a working knowledge of manual and CAD drafting before honing their design skills and creating clothing and cut vinyl stickers using our Graphtec vinyl cutter and our newest addition, a 3D printer.

Power Technology is a junior class where we design and build stick bridges, and smash them to pieces, all with the goal of holding the most weight. We explore the internal working of a small gas engine with the hope of making it run again and finish off by building C02 cars and racing them across the gym. NCS also offers an exploratory program in middle school where students are exposed to all that is offered in the Technology program as well as a few other fun things like metal work and art.