Our Facilities

school-buildingNCS is in an ideal location just minutes from Nanaimo city centre.  The school is convenient to the Nanaimo Parkway yet offers a quiet, picturesque setting.
There are two separate facilities.  One facility houses our elementary school students from kindergarten to grade 5, and the other state of the art facility was recently constructed to house both the NCS middle school and high school.

NCS has a large gymnasium, performance stage, library and computer labs that are integral parts of our students’ experiences.  Elementary students enjoy their outdoor playtime in developmentally appropriate playground.  Middle school and high school students have access to sport fields where soccer games, basketball games, skateboarding and occasionally sledding become part of our students’ school memories.



NCS has bright, inviting facilities that are set in one of the most beautiful settings on Vancouver Island.  The school grounds provide students a place to learn and play together as they grow in mind, body, and spirit.