Society Membership

Eligibility – Membership in this Society is open to those persons over the age of eighteen who are wholeheartedly committed to the basis, religious principles, and elements of Christian education as they are set forth in the Constitution of the Society.

Application – Application shall be made to the Board and shall include the annual membership fee and the nomination by two members in good standing. Before membership status is granted, applicants are required to attend an orientation session(s), to be introduced to pertinent facts about the Society and its school, such as its history, its reason for existence, its goals and religious principles on which the Society and its school are based.

Communication – Our goal is to create a forum where our community and the school leadership team are able to engage each other with ideas and suggestions that will encourage ongoing strategic development in the school.  We have developed channels of communication that ensure accountability, create an environment where ideas and suggestions can be reviewed and developed while encouraging greater community participation in the life of the school.  We look forward to hearing from you.

Click here to submit a suggestion or question to the Employee and Community Relations Committee.

Board of Directors

The Nanaimo Christian School Board of Directors provides and facilitates visionary leadership for the school

Current board members
 Board Position  Name  Committee Responsibility
 Chair  Mark Pooley  Policies and Vision
 Secretary  Dawna Ferris  Admissions
 Treasurer  Grant Phillips  Finance
 Director  Elisabeth Kroeker  Education
 Director  Jennifer Hendricks  Employee and Community Relations
 Director  Mark Gall  Building and Grounds


Ministry of Education

Nanaimo Christian School is certified by the Province of British Columbia. It is rated, educationally, as a group “one” school under the Independent School Act. This ensures that it is operated by an “authority” (Board of Directors) and established as a society. NCS has an educational program which is organized and purposeful. This enables students to fulfill the quest of their calling. Being a group “one” school has many requirements. Highlights are: all teachers must have proper certification, the educational program must comply with the ministry’s requirements and the school undergoes a full external evaluation every six years as well as being monitored on a regular basis