Principal’s Message

PrincipalOne of my favorite books is The Lord of the Rings by J.R. Tolkien, a story about the journey of Frodo Baggins.  The first book in the trilogy is called the Fellowship of the Ring in which a group of 8 companions commit to joining Frodo on his journey. In the Bible, the word for fellowship is “koinonia” which means the communion or the common journey. It literally means “to share in something”.  In the creation story, God made Eve not only as a companion in life, but a partner in his mission (caretaking the creation and living in relationship with God). Even Jesus did not want to be alone, so as he began his mission he chose twelve other people with which to share his journey and his mission (his fellowship group).  We were made for community and therefore being in fellowship is critical on our journey of following Jesus.

This is my prayer for the community of Nanaimo Christian School– that we would journey in our faith together as a community.  As a community we share in celebrations, walk through challenges, witness change and growth in students and work together to resolve conflict.  This is our journey as the NCS community as we seek to provide “Excellence in Education that is Grounded in Faith.”

We welcome you to join us on this journey and become a part of all the exciting things that make Nanaimo Christian School a great place to be.