Exam Week Schedule Jan 2017

NCS January 2017 Exams and End of Semester Schedule.

January 23 to the 27

  • Monday to Wednesday – regular classes with exceptions to in class exams and grade 11 Work Experience (WEX).
  • Work placements from Wednesday to the following Tuesday for grade 11 and from Thursday to Friday for grade 10’s
  • Thursday- catch up day for students who have not completed semester ending work.
  • Friday is a teacher report card writing and turnaround day. No students at school. Work Experience is still happening for grades 10 and 11.

All exams start at 8:45.

Grade Monday

Jan. 23


Jan. 24


Jan. 25


Jan. 26


Jan. 27

9 Math Science
10 French Math WEX placement WEX placement
11 Chemistry Math WEX


WEX placement WEX placement
12 Chemistry *English *Communications

Biology 12

* provincial exam- electronic

Grade Monday Jan. 30 Tuesday, Jan 31
11 WEX




9, 10, 12 Start of Semester 2

Semester 2 starts on Monday, January 30 for grades 9 ,10 and 12. Grade 11’s will start Wednesday, after their work experience is completed on Tuesday.