The Elementary years are an amazing time for learning and growth for students at Nanaimo Christian School. Our elementary classrooms are filled with smiles, learning and encouragement. Learning activities are rich in hands-on, investigative experiences that embrace children’s natural curiosity and love for learning.
Our teachers integrate their professional understanding of child development and engaging teaching practices with their Christian faith to foster students’ academic, social and spiritual development. A variety of high quality instructional strategies, including centre based and cross grade grouping activities, are used to provide differentiated instruction to meet students’ individual needs. Our elementary students are provided rich academic learning, fun physical fitness experiences, French language learning, and explorations in the arts.

Elementary students at Nanaimo Christian School are embraced by caring, professional Christian educators that are committed to providing the highest quality Christian educational experiences that meet the needs of each student as individuals. Elementary classrooms at NCS embody our mission: Excellence in Education, Grounded in Faith.

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