Graduate Profile

main background

In light of the mission and core values of the school society, Nanaimo Christian School guides and assists students in exploration and nurturing of their God given gifts. It is the goal of the school to educate students so that, upon graduation from high school, they demonstrate:


Academic competence:

  • Exhibit foundational knowledge and competence in academic disciplines, as outlined in the school’s prescribed learning outcomes.
  • Explore opportunities and develop skills in the areas of fine arts, athletics, vocation, service and leadership.
  • Communicate effectively through listening, speaking, writing, and design.
  • Possess the knowledge and skills for success in making decisions, managing resources, relating to others, functioning in the workforce and being successful at post-secondary education.
  • Value and demonstrate the skills of life-long learning – including thinking critically, accessing and evaluating information, solving problems, and collaborating with others.
  • Utilize current technologies effectively and ethically.
  • Appreciate and demonstrate creativity and artistic expression.
  • Understand and model the characteristics of Christian leadership while developing their own individual leadership gifts.


Spiritual growth:

  • Possess basic Biblical literacy, the tools of Biblical interpretation, and the know how to draw on the Bible for spiritual discernment.
  • Explore and begin to live out the implications of Jesus’ call for their own lives, grow in relationship with Jesus Christ and the faith community, and understand faith as a life-long journey.
  • Ask questions and seek answers through the practice of spiritual disciplines and the counsel of others.
  • Explore and develop their God-given gifts.
  • Practice Christian service.
  • Value worship as an essential part of Christian life and utilize the skills acquired at Nanaimo Christian School to participate meaningfully in worship.
  • Articulate their beliefs, values, and convictions.
  • Cultivate a Christian worldview that combines intellectual understanding of God’s call on their life with the awareness of the need for action through the prompting of the Holy Spirit.


Lifestyle integrity:

  • Maintain healthy relationships with others, build friendships, and resolve conflict peacefully.
  • Practice stewardship and an awareness of the Lordship of Christ over all things – including personal gifts, physical wellness, the environment, time, and resources.
  • Actively participate in local and broader church life.
  • Seek to be compassionate leaders.
  • Value diversity and demonstrate cultural sensitivity with global awareness and engagement.
  • Respond to justice issues with Biblical integrity.
  • Balance conscientious work with generous service, enjoyment of leisure, and Sabbath rest.
  • Demonstrate integrity and honesty.
  • Live with a sense of curiosity and wonder.