Middle School

The transition from elementary to high school, from children to young adults, is a critical time of change for our students.  Nanaimo Christian School recognizes the challenges and joys of this time of growth.  As Nanaimo’s only middle school, our school staff has designed age appropriate educational experiences that encourage students towards personal growth spiritually, socially, and physically.  Middle School students at NCS are provided an encouraging, accepting environment that is balanced with high academic expectations and increased opportunity for personal responsibility.

Learning experiences include challenging collaborative and cooperative, project-based learning experiences that extends learning of history, culture, literature, written-expression, science and mathematics to real-life, 21st century application.  Middle School students at NCS choose areas of personal interest to research and develop presentations on that are extended through each progressive grade.  Learning to use technology skillfully is an important part of the teaching goals.   In addition critical life skills of personal responsibility, teamwork, communication, critical thinking, and problem solving are integrated into all aspects of learning and are connected to Christian values.

There are lots of things that make the NCS middle school a special place including:

  1. Two annual camping trips that integrate relationship and team building, and physical fitness;
  2. Personal expert project development that challenge students to progressively extend research through the middle school years;
  3. Participation in band, art, and French;
  4. Units of exploratory learning that provide students with the choice to pursue their own unique interests; and,
  5. Staff members that model Christian values, establish positive relationships with students, establish expectations of personal responsibility, and challenge students to strive for personal excellence.


• We are looking forward to the 2014-15 school year in which we will continue to build on the strengths of our middle school and will be implementing a “Bring Your Own Device” requirement for students in grades 6-8.

• As we continue to advance in the digital age we need to be deliberate in teaching digital responsibility, citizenship, and the creation of positive footprints online. After all, in the real world that we are preparing our students for, technological literacies and proficiencies are the cornerstones of numerous career paths. It makes sense that we create a technology-rich learning environment that leverages available technology that students can use on a daily basis to communicate, collaborate, create, problem solve, think critically, become more technologically proficient, and develop a greater global awareness.

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