This afternoon we have a Ugandan guest speaker in Mr. Dykshoorn’s Grade 9/10 entrepreneurship & marketing class. Leonard Mutesasira, founder and executive director of the Uganda-based Rapid Advisory financial company, is talking about his experience in business start-up and sharing the ups and downs of business ownership. 

Here’s how we made the connection with Leonard: In 2016 Mr. Dykshoorn was living in Uganda and taught Leonard’s daughter for a year at Heritage International School. She now attends Vancouver Island University, and Leonard happens to be in town this month to visit her. Mr. Dykshoorn keeps in touch with the family, and Leonard was generous to accept the invitation and share his time with us at NCS.

Are you a business owner? We need your help!
Mr. Dykshoorn’s students are looking for people to interview this semester. The Grade 9/10 entrepreneurship & marketing class runs now through January 2020.

Email us at: [email protected] if you can help out.