Dear Benson,

So, this isn’t funny anymore.  My brother is driving me crazy!!!!  Everywhere I go (which isn’t very far) he is following me and making faces at me.  Usually I manage to avoid him, but there is no getting away from him.  And mom is now mad at us because we are fighting.  Why do I feel so angry?

Yours Truly,

Angry in Nanaimo

Dear Angry in Nanaimo,

These are challenging times for sure, and things that usually annoy us at the best of times feel bigger right now because of what is happening with Covid 19.  We are all worried, and we don’t know how long this is going to last, so we can get a bit cranky.  Anger is a normal response.  It comes from being frustrated.  It comes from not feeling that we have any control.  Turn it around.  Think about what is happening, and think about how you can respond.  You can’t control Covid.  You can’t control your little brother.  But you can control yourself.  You can feel frustrated, and you can decide how you are going to deal with your frustration.  Take a deep breath!  Do something that you like.  Take a break.  Do something that helps you to feel good.  Some people like to draw.  Some write.  Some play their guitar or listen to music.  Some watch a show or read a good book.  Some zoom with a friend.  Or if you can, go for a walk. Feel those good things that you can do, and remember to be gentle with yourself…and your little brother!