Angry in Nanaimo

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Dear Benson, So, this isn’t funny anymore.  My brother is driving me crazy!!!!  Everywhere I go (which isn’t very far) he is following me and making faces at me.  Usually I manage to avoid him, but there is no getting away from him.  And mom is now mad at us because we are fighting.  [...]

Week 3

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Resistance I need to start this ‘musing’ with a confession. In some measure, like the rest of the world, I too have been impacted by Covid-19. I am grateful that my losses so far have been minimal, in fact I have also enjoyed some gains, but I can not deny that imposed socio-environmental changes [...]

Week 2

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Vulnerability and Resiliency I was listening to Bessel Van Der Kolk, M.D., author of The Body Keeps the Score: Brain, Mind, and Body in the Healing of Trauma, speak about the present COVID19 times in relation to trauma and he had this to say. We are in the midst of a ‘pre-trauma’ period. We [...]

Frustrated and Bored

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Dear Benson, I know that I need to get my school work done at home, and that my regular chores continue, but I am starting to get bored and feeling a bit frustrated.  What are some things I can be doing at home to keep busy and feel good? Yours: Frustrated and Bored Dear [...]

Week 1

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Well-Being Nanaimo Christian School (NCS) is concerned about your Well-Being.  Well-Being includes your biological, emotional, cognitive, social, and spiritual experience.  Well-Being is impacted by our sense of purpose and meaning, by our sense of satisfaction/happiness/or vitality, by our awareness of who we are, by our relative connection with others, by our acceptance of the [...]