That huge pile of coins has been counted and … WE REACHED OUR HOME & AWAY COIN DRIVE GOAL! 🎉🎉🎉 

Together we raised $5,046.70. Well done, NCS community! That’s $2,000 more than we raised last year.

Half of the total amount is going to Nanaimo’s Crossroads Pregnancy Centre for baby formula and strollers for families that are struggling, and half will stay at home to go toward our future building expansion. Thank you everyone for your generous donations! 💕 

Mr. Sijpheer presented the cheque to CPC. Watch the video here.

And the Home & Away Coin Drive classroom prizes go to …Drumroll, please…

Elementary school — Mrs. Gourlay’s Kindergarten B class: 61 lbs.
Middle school — Miss Jeong’s 6/7A class: 148 lbs.
High school — Mr. Toews’ homeroom: 10 lbs.

You emptied your piggy banks. You brought in your allowance and birthday money. You returned bottles for cash. You posted fundraising videos on social media.

Together we did it! We passed our Home & Away Coin Drive goal of $5,000 for Crossroads Pregnancy Centre & NCS.

Thank you for your generosity! Thank you to our parent volunteers who helped weigh and count!

Thank you to the prize winners for your patience. Your bowling & pizza party might be delayed a bit!