Dare to Believe
in God’s plans for NCS and step out in faith to accomplish all that He has set out before us.  Believe that He will do immeasurably more than we can imagine and that when we are walking in faith, we are walking in His grace.

Dare to Believe
that, through God’s grace, we will be a school where gifts will be developed, leaders will be created, and students will come before programs.

Dare to Believe
that as we celebrate learning, playing, performing, creating, and serving the name of our Heavenly Father will be praised and our school and community will be transformed.

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Where are we going?

School growth over past 4 years

This is an exciting time in the Province of BC, in the City of Nanaimo and at Nanaimo Christian School. 

Changes in curriculum that promote flexible and personalized learning, which is what we love, are being implemented by the Ministry of Education.

The City of Nanaimo is growing like never before.  All sectors of the economy are experiencing growth which is driven by an increase of 8% in population over the past 3 years.

Nanaimo Christian School is becoming known in the community as an excellent option for students.  Wait lists are happening at most grade levels, classes are full.  We have added over 100 students over the past 3 years, and this growth is only being slowed by our ability to find spaces for more students.

We are more than just a school.  We want to impact the lives of our students and we want our students to impact the City of Nanaimo and beyond.  Providing excellent Christian education is more than just having great facilities, but having facilities that allow us to provide excellent Christian education is critical.

Average annual growth over the past 4 years
Overall growth over the past 4 years
Capacity projected for 2017-18

A big part of moving forward in meeting our mission and vision is having the best spaces possible to do this.  Clearly, as we move forward, expanding our facilities makes sense and it is needed.  

BUT, our facility improvement is not what we are working towards. We are working towards a mission and vision of Christ centered education that impacts the lives of our students, staff, parents, community and city because we believe this is what God called us to do.

Phase 2 Building Expansion

Phase2 elevated view of gym from right

Phase2 elevated view of gym from right

We love celebrating the athletic gifts of students at Nanaimo Christian School. Athletics provides all students opportunities to develop physically, mentally and emotionally in controlled, safe activities outside of the traditional classroom. We want to develop athletes that are more invested in their academics, involved in their community, and become versatile, engaged individuals who use their abilities to produce victories beyond the field of play. It has been very exciting to see so many personal victories and team victories – both in accomplishments and character building.

Our challenge, as we continue to grow is that our gym is too small to meet the needs of our school. It is booked solid from the start of the day to the end of the day. Many of our sports teams need to practice off-site and hosting home games at the high school level is not possible.

With the addition of a new gymnasium the opportunities for our students, the benefit to the community and the partnerships we can form, grow substantially. It is one more important piece in allowing us to impact the lives of students and our community beyond the traditional classroom.

God has richly blessed our students with amazing abilities and we want make sure that we have the best facilities possible that allow us to develop and celebrate all of their abilities.

$ 4,800,000

Future Plans

Based on enrollment, funds, and needs of the school, future plans and estimated costs are as follows:

Applied Design, Skills, and Trades Facility (ADST) – $ 1,000,000

The Phase 2 building expansion required the existing Wood Shop portables to be removed. With the strong focus of ADST courses in the new BC Ed Plan Curriculum, a purpose built space for these programs is essential.

Turf Field – $ 1,200,000

In partnership with the City of Nanaimo and local sports groups, a new, lighted turf field, adjacent to the high school building will be built. The field will provide year round access for NCS sports teams throughout the day and provide a need for additional field space within the community.

Phase 3: Building Expansion – $ 2,000,000

Phase3 new entrance

Phase3 new entrance

Attaching to the front of the phase 2 expansion, this phase adds a new entry way, office spaces, and a purpose built library and resource center.

Phase 4: Building Expansion – $ 4,500,000

Our next step is creating a new elementary facility that provides the space, resources, and educational opportunities that are essential to this age group. The facility would be tailored to this age, with large classrooms, technology resources, and academic and social areas for students to study and fellowship.

Phase3 full front view

Playground Spaces – $ 180,000

With a growing student population on an expanded campus, spaces for students to play is important.

Evergreen Strategy

Ongoing maintenance needs to be proactive, not reactive, and the final step is to ensure that all of these steps are able to have lasting impact.

Phase3 elevated view from left

Video Library

Join us

Dare to Believe is more than just bricks, it is about following where God is leading us and we invite you, actually, we challenge you to sow into our future.

There are many ways you can join us in this vision of educational excellence! We need everyone to be part of bringing it to life, not only in the building project, but also in preparing our students to have impact once they leave the building.