Principal’s Message

One of my favourite books is The Lord of the Rings by J.R. Tolkien, a story about the journey of Frodo Baggins.  The first book in the trilogy is called the Fellowship of the Ring in which a group of 8 companions commit to joining Frodo on his journey. In the Bible, the word for fellowship is “koinonia” which means the communion or the common journey. It literally means “to share in something”.  In the creation story, God made Eve not only as a companion in life, but a partner in his mission (caretaking the creation and living in relationship with God). Even Jesus did not want to be alone, so as he began his mission he chose twelve other people with which to share his journey and his mission (his fellowship group).  We were made for community and therefore being in fellowship is critical on our journey of following Jesus.

This is my prayer for the community of Nanaimo Christian School– that we would journey in our faith together as a community.  As a community we share in celebrations, walk through challenges, witness change and growth in students and work together to resolve conflict.  This is our journey as the NCS community as we seek to provide “Excellence in Education that is Grounded in Faith.”

We welcome you to join us on this journey and become a part of all the exciting things that make Nanaimo Christian School a great place to be.


NCS offers a full range of programs, offering an education that satisfies and goes beyond the requirements of the BC Ministry of Education. As a funded, fully accredited Group 1 Independent school, we are regularly inspected by external evaluation committees appointed by the Ministry of Education, and have always satisfied their requirements in such inspections.

While we teach the range of subjects required in the Ministry of Education guidelines, all courses are taught from the perspective of a Biblical world view. All of our teachers are professionally qualified and certified through the ministry of Education, and all teach as committed Christians.

Unique Learning Needs

Nanaimo Christian School, seeks to service Christian families by providing a secure learning environment in which God’s children can continue to explore, experience and evaluate all of life under God. We believe that all students, regardless of their physical, academic, social and emotional needs, are equally valued by God and are best nurtured in a Christian school community. Since this involves the whole child, the curriculum should provide children with experiences which seek to foster: spiritual development, emotional and social development, intellectual development, aesthetic and artistic develop and skill development to the fullest potential, personally and within the community. Students are encouraged to develop their God-given gifts and talents, in order to service God and the community. ​

Kingdom Kids Preschool

Kingdom Kids Preschool is a learning through play and growing in faith licensed Preschool program. We believe that each child is a unique individual who has the ability to develop to his / her fullest potential when given opportunities to grow through a blend of physical, emotional, intellectual, social and spiritual experiences. This is complimented by a warm, respectful, play-centered environment with qualified Christian educators.

Currently there is one Kingdom Kids Preschool location at Nanaimo Christian School (on-site)

The program operates:

  • Preschool – Monday through Friday – 8:35 – 11:30am
  • Jr. Kindergarten – Monday through Thursday – 11:45am – 3:00pm

The program provides theme-based learning experiences that captivates student interest, sparks curiosity, and fosters creativity. During each week, learning experiences are structured to include Library, Music, Joy Time (Christian Storytime), Art Activities and Gym Time.

Our goal is to prepare each child for Kindergarten, especially in regards to social and early academic experiences. We want this “first school experience” to be positive and spark the fire of learning for years to come.

We are a busy, fun, learning preschool. It’s a great place to be!


Kindergarten to Grade 5 at NCS is a Christ-centered community that loves and cares for kids and intentionally celebrates their individual growth in relationships, in Faith and in academics. Loving Kids and Celebrating Growth.

Nature Kindergarten

Our Kindergarten students spend a concentrated time one day of the week using our forest space and covered gazebo area.  Nature Kindergarten offers students a chance for unstructured play developing key gross and fine motor skills. The program is a child-centered approach to learning centered on the belief that God has created a natural world through which we can learn and experience His love and Holiness.

Daily 5 & Literacy Cafe

The Daily Five is a way of structuring the reading block so every student is independently engaged in meaningful literacy tasks. These research based tasks are ones that will have the biggest impact on student reading and writing achievement, as well as help foster children who love to read and write.

Math Rotations

Our Math program is designed to give students a variety of ways to work through mathematical concepts and applications in a differentiated and hands-on manner.  By working at their own unique developmental level, students will build on their mathematical understanding and be challenged just enough so that they will grow, but not too much as to avoid them reaching frustration.

Discovery Hour

We value the opportunity for students to gather together in cross-graded groupings and make an individual choice about a hobby, an activity or an area of study that they would like to find out more about. These short 4-6 week sessions will happen throughout the year and include activities such as arts and crafts, Spy club, bird-watching, and cooking, just to name a few.

Middle School

NCS Middle School is different. We’re always moving, laughing, and learning in new ways. We celebrate progress over perfection and skills over content, because we love that each student is unique. We help kids discover who they are and who they’re called to be. Middle school is a community. We live together, learn together, and grow together. We belong here.
At Nanaimo Christian Middle School we realize that adolescence is a unique time in life and as such, deserves a unique program. Our teachers don’t just want to teach, they specifically want to teach Middle School, and work to develop a successful Middle School program subscribing to the following philosophy.
We believe that education for young adolescents must be:
  • Developmentally responsive: Using the distinctive nature of young adolescents as the foundation upon which all decisions about school organization, policies, curriculum, instruction, and assessment are made.
  • Challenging: Ensuring that every student learns and every member of the learning community is held to high expectations.
  • Empowering: Providing all students with the knowledge and skills they need to take responsibility for their lives, to address life’s challenges, to function successfully at all levels of society, and to be creators of knowledge.
  • Equitable: Advocating for and ensuring every student’s right to learn and providing appropriately challenging and relevant learning opportunities for every student.

Unique Programs and Courses

Technology Integration

At NCS Middle School, our students are part of a Bring Your Own Device program (BYOD). NCS decided to create a BYOD program in grades 6-12 as a response to the world in which our students live and to provide relevant and engaging learning experiences.

Middle School Rotations

One of the unique characteristics of our Middle School program is our MS Rotations. Students are divided into cross-graded groups depending on their band ability and experience. This allows us to offer beginner, intermediate, and advanced bands in Middle School! Students travel with their MS Rotation group to a variety of classes, including PE, French, Library, Tech, Health Science, and Woodworking & Design.


Part of our commitment to engaging middle-level education is providing an “exploratory” program. Students sign up for their choice of “Exploratories” during our Wednesday afternoon sessions, which run for approximately 5-6 weeks at a time. They have the opportunity to experience a wide variety of activities, including languages, crafts, sports, and more. We want to give students the chance to try new things and to explore their interests.


In Middle School we have a strong emphasis on leadership. One of the advantages of being part of a K-12 campus is the ability to lead and be led by others. We provide teaching around conflict resolution, leadership styles, and more in order to equip students to lead others. All students are expected to step out in leadership through service to others throughout the school community.


Students in Middle School take part in a specialized learning project where they focus on an area of interest throughout grades 6-8. Each student is taught to learn about something in depth, rather than simply settling for breadth of knowledge. Student projects culminate at the end of each year with an oral presentation to the middle school community.


Twice a year, the entire Middle School embarks on a camping adventure. In September, our Middle School Campout sets the stage for our entire year. The focus is to build community by immersing the students in common, team-building experiences. At the end of the year, the campout is often combined with a band trip where students are able to share their music progress and knowledge with other students on Vancouver Island. Both campouts are highlights each year and should not be missed!

High School

Nanaimo Christian High School is a community where students and staff work together to create learning experiences that are challenging, flexible and relevant.  We provide Christ-centered learning that responds to student culture, needs and interests.  Choice is important.  Gifts are developed. Our students will have impact.
NCS high school has re-designed their approach to education that allows for more student choice and flexibility. There are a greater number of learning opportunities through blended learning that includes the use of online technology, online courses, independent directed studies,  with in class guidance from  teachers. Students can make choices in many aspects of their learning that can have more relevancy and personalization.
Through the use of studio time, students have opportunity to explore, research, ask questions, collaborate, and create, all the while learning  competency skills such as critical thinking, communication with more opportunities to create.  Studio time allows students to choose what they are working on and how they are meeting the required learning outcomes. Teachers are still there to provide help, direction and accountability.