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Wellness and Mental Health

Welcome to our Wellness and Mental Health page for our NCS community.  In collaboration with some of our High School students and the counselling department at NCS, we want to offer this as a place where you can get information that will help you to keep well as you nurture your mental health.

We will try to update information regularly, so visit us when you can.

Weekly musings

Short articles with information relevant to wellness and mental health.

Week 3


I need to start this ‘musing’ with a confession. In some measure, like the rest of the world, I too have been impacted by Covid-19. I am grateful that my losses so far have been minimal, in fact I have also enjoyed some gains, but I can not deny that imposed socio-environmental changes and resultant shifts to my own personal thoughts and behaviours have been taking […]

Week 2

Vulnerability and Resiliency

I was listening to Bessel Van Der Kolk, M.D., author of The Body Keeps the Score: Brain, Mind, and Body in the Healing of Trauma, speak about the present COVID19 times in relation to trauma and he had this to say. We are in the midst of a ‘pre-trauma’ period. We are all impacted by the pandemic, but we will not necessarily […]

Week 1


Nanaimo Christian School (NCS) is concerned about your Well-Being. 

Well-Being includes your biological, emotional, cognitive, social, and spiritual experience. 

Well-Being is impacted by our sense of purpose and meaning, by our sense of satisfaction/happiness/or vitality, by our awareness of who we are, by our relative connection with others, by our acceptance of the relationship between freedom and responsibility, […]

Dear Benson

We have created this section as a place for you to submit your questions.   Please keep your questions general. We will post your question (without your name) with an answer from Benson.  Benson will try to give you advice or ideas, and these will be helpful to others.  

Angry in Nanaimo

Dear Benson,

So, this isn’t funny anymore.  My brother is driving me crazy!!!!  Everywhere I go (which isn’t very far) he is following me and making faces at me.  Usually I manage to avoid him, but there is no getting away from him.  And mom is now mad at us because we are fighting.  Why do I feel so angry?

Yours Truly,

Angry in Nanaimo

Frustrated and Bored

Dear Benson,

I know that I need to get my school work done at home, and that my regular chores continue, but I am starting to get bored and feeling a bit frustrated.  What are some things I can be doing at home to keep busy and feel good?

Yours: Frustrated and Bored

Dear Frustrated and Bored,

It […]

Sharing Your Stories and Information about good resources

I would like to connect with a NCS Counsellor

Please let us know if you need to connect with one of our counsellors.   We can connect via the school email or online. Students under 12 will require permission from their parents to do this.  Students over 12 can self-refer. Confidentiality rules will be the same as when we meet in the school. Your counsellor will go over this with you.

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