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7 Things About Mrs. Joanne McCormick

Introducing our newest accounts receivable clerk at NCS.

Over the next few weeks we'll be introducing new staff members joining our team at Nanaimo Christian School. Help us give them a warm welcome! 

Meet Mrs. Joanne McCormick! Here are 7 things you need to know about her.

1) New position at NCS

Accounts Receivable Clerk

2) Before coming to NCS

I have been working in the accounting field for 25 years in various locations across BC. I have done bookkeeping for primarily not-for-profit organizations in Cranbrook and Nanaimo. I have also worked with small businesses and/or First Nation organizations in Cranbrook and Sechelt. I am also a music director at St. Andrew's Presbyterian Church in Nanaimo and before that in Cranbrook.

3) Favorite thing about work

I love the flexibility of my work and the ability to expand and grow my knowledge base with all the different industries that exist in accounting.

4) If I were a crayon ...

I would be orange. It is a bright, positive, and happy color.

5) Secret talent or party trick

One of the things I love is organizing parties, events or suppers.

6) Hobbies

I love to be creative. I enjoy painting, making paper crafts, and hardanger embroidery.

7) God has been teaching me

I am experiencing things this year that I have never experienced before and not just due to COVID. God is teaching me to trust in Him completely and give it all to Him. Let Him be my anchor in the storms of my life.

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