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Nanaimo Sport Achievement Awards Honour NCS Athletes & Coaches

Updated: May 31, 2022

NCS athletes Austin Wilson and Olivia Phillips, and coach Troy Libbus and his senior boys' volleyball team were among those recognized.

Tonight marked the 17th annual Nanaimo Sport Achievement Awards ceremony, which was hosted at the Coast Bastion Hotel. The awards recognize those within the sports community who, during the course of the year, have made a significant contribution to the community in which they live. The award recipients over the years have helped demonstrate the important value and benefits of sport within Nanaimo and abroad. Each year finalists are honoured at the awards in categories recognizing athletes, teams, coaches, officials, volunteers, administrators and local sports news stories.

This year NCS was privileged to have finalist in several categories including:

  • Male Junior Team Athlete of the Year: Austin Wilson (Volleyball)

  • Female Junior Team Athlete of the Year: Olivia Phillips (Volleyball)

  • Junior Team of the Year: Senior Boys Volleyball

  • Coach of the Year (Recreation/Grass-roots): Troy Libbus (Sr Boys Volleyball)

During the awards night the finalists and others who were in attendance were blessed with an amazing dinner and a great night honouring and supporting many athletes, coaches and volunteers from around the community. It is also at this dinner where the winners were announced and we would like to congratulate Troy Libbus on winning his category!

We are so proud of all of our athletes and honoured that the NCS Athletics program was included in the four categories as finalists. We wish to also thank Marilyn Sullivan and all those involved in making this night such a great success!



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