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Meet-the-Teacher Car Rally draws 400+ NCS parents and students

Updated: Oct 5, 2020

Thank you to everyone who volunteered and participated!

Sending out a big thank you to everyone who volunteered and participated in last week’s Meet-the-Teacher Car Rally! (See 50+ photos in our Facebook photo album) More than 400 NCS parents and students came out for the event. We heard lots of laughs at the teacher checkpoint challenges and saw Mr. Sijpheer get dunked in the dunk tank more than expected.

NCS families did a great job deciphering riddles and clues to reach the checkpoints around Nanaimo for the fun two-minute challenges: COVID-friendly carnival games, game show theatrics, red carpet movie trivia, Nerf crossbows, marshmallow tossing, eating melted chocolate out of diapers and more.

Also for the car rally more than 100 students coloured hearts to thank our essential service workers during the pandemic. You'll see them on the school's fence along Holland Road.

Thank you to everyone for your enthusiasm and for your generous donations -- more than $1,600! How blessed we are to be in community together especially during a pandemic.

We handed out prizes to 16 families with impressive car decorations and costumes. They each received a $10 gift card to Dairy Queen for a box of Dilly Bars or treat of their choice.

Congratulations to these families: Elston, G & M Gillespie, Down, Holmes/Hauca, Ducklow, McMullen, Manuel/Simpson, McIntyre, Kennedy, Welsh, Wright, Heggs, D & L Taylor, Edmunds, McLure, and Hopwood. Great car rally spirit! Kyleigh Morgan was the winner of the high school draw.

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