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Mr. Sijpheer teaches about decluttering a garage and our lives

Watch the principal's weekly video to see how God transforms us when we deal with the things in our lives we need to get rid of.

In his weekly video for students, Mr. Sijpheer takes us into his garage and explains how the garage clutter reminds him of the clutter and noise in our lives that makes us easily lose sight of Jesus. Instead of ignoring the things we need to get rid of, we need to deal with them -- our guilt, shame, rejection, fear, or people pleasing.

When we do the clean-up work in our lives, we can discover something beautiful that was hidden, something God wants us to find and use for His glory. That treasure may be something as precious as the one Mr. Sijpheer uncovered in his garage.

Let’s make a clean break with everything that defiles or distracts us, both within and without. Let’s make our entire lives fit and holy temples for the worship of God. -- 2 Corinthians 7:1 (The Message)
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