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Mr. Sijpheer teaches about true joy and where it comes from

Watch this weekly video to see what joy looks like and find out how to have joy even when life is hard.

In his weekly principal's video for students, Mr. Sijpheer takes us camping and fishing and sings an old favourite tune from his Sunday school days: "I've Got the Joy, Joy, Joy, Joy."

He explains that joy is what sets Christians apart from those who don't know Christ's love. It comes from hope in Jesus' promises. Life is hard with so many reasons to be sad and despair. But we don't have to be stuck there.

We can remember that there's nothing that God can't overcome, and Jesus' death and resurrection is proof. Trusting in this brings us a joy that can't be shaken even when we face hard things.

Christ is risen! No challenge is too great for our Lord. There's no brokenness that can't be taken away by the resurrection. Christ makes all things new, and in all things we can praise Him!

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