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Nanaimo News Now: Nanaimo teachers helping families relax with new podcast

NCS middle school teachers appear in local news story.

Story by Nanaimo News Now reporter Spencer Sterritt

NANAIMO — A new podcast hopes to help families take their mind off the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.

Shannon Gillespie and David Hossini, teachers at Nanaimo Christian School, have recorded the “In the Middle Of” podcast since the second week of spring break began.

Each short episode, averaging 12 minutes, focuses on talking about different scenarios and what you’d do if you found yourself in the middle of it. The first episodes focused on being in the middle of a date, or what you would do if you heard a sound in the middle of the night.

Gillespie said it came together when she realized something needed to be done to prevent COVID-19 from taking over all of her conversations. The idea actually came to her when walking with Hossini’s wife.

“We were trying to be super intentional about going for walks and not talking about COVID-19. We ended up talking about our first cars and random different details we didn’t know. I thought we’re probably not the only people who are finding all their conversations are absorbed by this.”

The podcast came together shortly after, recorded and edited each day to be put up shortly after.

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