Help us keep our school looking beautiful. Parents, alumni, friends and grandparents: We’re looking for volunteers who can lend a hand occasionally. Here are three ways you can help during this school year. Email [email protected] or call 250-754-4512 to sign up.

Lawn Maintenance
2 hours per week; Friday afternoons/evenings; March 2019 – Oct 2020
Create a safe environment for students during recess and sports. Mow field, buy fuel and submit receipts, monitor and/or maintain the mower, monitor field conditions. Must have riding lawn mower experience. [1 volunteer needed]

Interior Lighting Maintenance
1-4 hours every other month; weekends or Pro D days; Sept 2019 – June 2020
Maintain a safe, well-lit school. Identify and replace burnt out lights, purchase bulbs (on account) at wholesaler and transport to school. [1 volunteer needed]. 

Outdoor Grounds Maintenance
4-5 hours per month; Sept 2019 – June 2020
Help promote school pride with beautifully maintained grounds. Weed eating, pulling weeds, lawn mowing (push lawn mower), etc. [1-4 volunteers needed]

Garbage Pick Up
2 hours 2 times per month; Sept 2019-June 2020
Walk the campus grounds, collect garbage, and keep the school looking great. [1-2 volunteers needed]