Before starting at NCS this fall as a Grade 6/7 teacher, Joanna taught at Star of the Sea Catholic School in Surrey from 2010 to 2019. Fun fact: She has also spent two years teaching overseas in Cairo. Join us in welcoming her!

Here are 6 things to know about Mrs. Biddlecombe.

1. If she was a crayon, she would be:
Only one?! It depends on her mood. She doesn’t like to confine herself to one color.

2. Secret talent: 
She wishes she had one. Maybe her students will teach her a new trick.

3. Favorite subject to teach: 
A theme-based model that integrates a lot of different subjects that make learning more meaningful

4. What God has been teaching her this year: 
Patience, patience, patience. Be still and know HE’s got this. 

5. Best thing about being a teacher: 
Connecting with students and watching that spark ignite within

6. Favorite thing to do when not at school: 
Hang out with family and “irritate” ;) them into doing things rather than stay at home