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The Arts at NCS

Every creative outlet at Nanaimo Christian School is highly student-driven. Students truly shine as they hone their skills or try new things in theatre, music, visual arts, and applied design skills and technology (ADST). Future Famous, our annual fine arts night, showcases student talent that is not performance-based. 


Music & theatre

NCS students have excellent opportunities to develop their gift of music or drama while learning in class and performing on stage. We work hard together to produce excellence in each other and unearth students’ God-given gifts and talents. Past musical productions include West Side Story, Mary Poppins, Beauty & the Beast and The Wizard of Oz.


Elementary school

  • Music classes

  • Opera production -- Written, designed and performed by grades 3-5


Middle school

  • Musical theatre production


High school

  • Musical theatre production

  • Drama class -- Monologues, collaborative creations, theatre set design


Visual arts

Students learn the basic elements of design then, through various media, explore their creativity openly or imitate great artists and creators. They go beyond aesthetic purposes and use art to communicate, raise awareness and address what's happening in the world around them. 


Elementary school

  • Art classes

  • Integrated opportunities to show learning through visual art

  • Future Famous art showcase


Middle school & high school

  • Photography & videography

  • Traditional Studio Arts

  • Graphic design

  • 3-D printing 

  • TV production (green screen)

  • Future Famous art showcase

Applied Designs Skills and Technology (ADST)

In hands-on ADST classes students at NCS can learn to program digital LED displays and robotics. They can create a CAD design and see it come to life on the 3-D printer or build a car that runs on carbon dioxide then race it across the gym. 


Middle school & high school

  • Robotics

  • Drafting & design


“Our technology program allows students to get academic credit for what they may be doing in their own free time anyway. One student recently went on to receive a university scholarship based on his work with video game design."

Alex Toews, High school teacher

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