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NCS Students Belong, Believe & Achieve

Opened in 1982, Nanaimo Christian School is a Christ-centered, grace-filled community with 670 students in K-12 and 60 students in preschool. NCS teaches the curriculum provided by the BC Ministry of Education but in a different way. The approach to education is caring, flexible, and innovative, allowing children to reach their unique potential so they can live their calling and impact their community.


NCS is a place where students can belong, believe and achieve like never before.



Right away, students feel the love at Nanaimo Christian School. They’re welcomed, noticed, encouraged and cared for. NCS is a place where their unique God-given gifts are celebrated. It is a place where they know that they belong and they are known for who God has created them to be. 



Everything we do and teach is rooted in the Christian faith and God’s Word. We go beyond rules and consequences to reach our students’ hearts and inspire Christ-like transformation.  We want them to love who God has called and created them to be.



At NCS we teach the curriculum provided by the BC Ministry of Education, but we do it our way.  We recognize that each student is unique and we are constantly changing how we teach to meet the needs of our students. Achievement isn’t measured only by academic excellence but also in seeing students achieve success in who God has called them to be.



In community, NCS pursues Christ-centered educational excellence that equips students to live Biblically, act responsibly, work cooperatively, communicate effectively and achieve success in who God has called them to be.



Nanaimo Christian School will be a community where:

  • God comes first

  • Gifts will be developed

  • Leaders will be created

  • Students will be known and will come before programs

  • Learning, playing, performing, creating and serving will be celebrated

  • Partnerships with families will be formed

  • Impact will be made on the community

  • Finances and resources will be used responsibly

  • Facilities will be a place for dynamic learning, providing opportunities for growth and community engagement

Core Values

Nanaimo Christian School is ...


A Christian community

Everything we do and teach is rooted in the Christian faith and founded upon God and His Word. We desire to partner with families in the education and spiritual growth of our students.


A community of grace

We go beyond just rules and consequences in order to reach the hearts of our students and inspire Christ-like transformation.



We recognize the uniqueness of each student and strive to exceed expectations and provide a positive school experience for all.


A safe haven

We commit to provide an environment where students are protected both physically and emotionally. We work to create a loving atmosphere where students can safely grow into the person God has called them to be.



We value innovation and strive to discover the best practices for student learning.



We lead, serve, and teach with great passion because we are confident in what God has called us to do. We work to cultivate that same passion in every one of our students.


"Through the years at NCS I have witnessed so many examples of kindness, patience and forgiveness and during all the changes and challenges there is always humour, always a sense of community and always prayer.”

Raylene Manson, NCS parent

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