“We have been so happy with Zach’s time at the NCS preschool. He loves playing with his friends and has such a wonderful time. The program is varied and a great preparation for kindergarten.”

-- Samantha, NCS preschool parent


Elementary School

“I really love our principal, he is funny, kind and I like his name. I really love the friendships at school, my friends involve me and they are kind to me. I love the teachers, they are so nice, and they are so great at teaching me. It’s part of why I am so smart.” 

-- Charlee, grade 4

“I love my teachers, my friends, and the green park.”

-- Joseph, Kindergarten

"One of the reasons I like NCS is because of the nice teachers. It makes it easier to learn and be comfortable in class." 

-- Temi, grade 4 (front)

“The teachers are so friendly and nice and I like how we work together as a community.” 

-- Annika, grade 4

“I love when Mr. Sijpheer high fives us in the hallway when our class goes by and I love playing in the forest with my friends.” 

-- Piper, Kindergarten

“I like library and playing badminton with Mrs. Hall. I also like my grade 5 buddy.”

-- Calix, Kindergarten

“I love that I can learn, explore my talents, and be in the presence of a community that loves God.”

-- Muku, grade 5

"I love all my friends and teachers. Everyone at school is so nice."

-- Alycia, grade 2

Middle School


“The first time I came to Canada and left my own country to study was when I came to NCS. I was very afraid at first that I wouldn’t make friends because of my face, my accent etc. But I was wrong. The students and teachers are all very friendly. I made friends with teachers first and I have made more and more friends now at NCS. It is a very nice place to learn and to play.”

-- Simon, grade 7 international student

“The middle school staff makes you feel welcome, loved, and they care so much for you. They LOVE having fun with us. They give us the choice for exploratories, and in the online rotation classes we are choosing things we are passionate about. We choose the things we want to do depending on our interests that will shape us into where we want to go in life.”

-- Savannah, grade 7

“I am grateful for NCS because without NCS I would honestly be far less close to God. Every day I learn something new and my relationship to God keeps getting closer.”

-- Axton, grade 7

High School


“I’m encouraged to grow in my learning and in my faith at NCS. Everyone on staff cares about you and makes your learning the best it can be; pushing you to be your best. They listen to your ideas and provide amazing opportunities both on and off campus that help you grow and make life-long memories. NCS has opened so many new doors for me.”

-- Jenna, grade 10

“I’m grateful that NCS is a school that makes everyone feel welcome. It's a safe environment where students can learn new things, grow in faith, and even make new friends. It's a place where I know that I can excel.”

-- Corinne, grade 9

“Becoming an NCS athlete gave me the opportunity to work with people I previously wouldn’t have worked with. Being a part of a NCS sports team invites you to join a great atmosphere. My teammates and coaches were very patient and encouraging, and together we created an environment for not only success as a team but for success as individuals.”


-- Thomas, grade 12

“'Everybody at NCS is positive and accepting. It's just a great place to be!”

-- Cole, grade 10

“At NCS teachers advocate for their students and sacrifice their time because they genuinely love us. They take time to pray for our needs and celebrate our individual accomplishments. They treat us as if we were their own kids. I know some of the relationships teachers have built with me will have a lasting positive impact on my life.”


-- Angela, grade 12

“My favorite thing about NCS is the staff because they constantly look out for you and make you feel like a part of the community. I also like how supportive they are as they make sure everyone strives for excellence and are there when you need them the most. Though I consider myself to be highly independent, it is comforting knowing that I have a community who will watch out for me so that I can be the best student I can be.”

-- Jane, grade 12

“The thing I am most grateful for at NCS is the staff. They are always so caring and just love the students. The thing they want most is to see students strive. They really make it a welcoming environment for everyone to learn and work.”


-- Bryce, grade 11

“Before the mission trip I was a Christian but not a fantastic Christian. After seeing everything -- the girls, their smiles, and how God has worked through New Hope Girls to help each of them -- I realized this is a faith that I really want to pursue. If you donate to send a kid on a Dominican mission trip, you could change that kid’s life forever. It has changed me forever. I’ve seen so many other people change because of this trip. It’s unbelievable. It’s the experience of a lifetime.”

-- Bradyn, grade 12

International Program


“NCS has given me so much support and love. Through Bible and chapel time, I truly feel a connection with Jesus and have such a meaningful time to share my thoughts with others. As an international student, I also receive much help from teachers and don’t face difficult school problems alone.”

-- Jiah, grade 12 international student (at centre)

“The first time I came to Canada and left my own country to study was when I came to NCS. I was very afraid at first that I wouldn’t make friends because of my face, my accent etc. But I was wrong. The students and teachers are all very friendly. I made friends with teachers first and I have made more and more friends now at NCS. It is a very nice place to learn and to play.”

-- Simon, grade 7 international student


“The NCS community has affected me on and off campus in positive ways. The teachers are always there for their students even outside of school hours. They go above and beyond!”

-- Sunny Kim, grade 12



“My father was the founding chairman of the board at NCS. I grew up attending NCS and so did my four children. Over the years I’ve seen the school grow tremendously. I’ve seen the conversation in the community completely change about the opportunities at NCS. People now associate excellence with NCS. They see the school as a place where whatever and whoever their child wants to be can be explored and grown -- whether that’s in athletics, academics, or a safe place to belong and experience community in its entirety.” 

-- Donna (Wall) Hais, CEO/General Manager of Bob Wall Contracting and Project Manager of the NCS Building Committee (NCS alumnae, 1978)

“NCS provided me the foundation for my faith. I received discipleship from many teachers, each with a different way of instilling God's Word in my heart. I can remember clear lessons that taught me how to explain my testimony, how my beliefs related to my interest in science, and about exploring the beliefs of different religions so I was prepared to move into the ‘real world.’ ” 

-- Melissa (Long) Brulotte, Ph.D., Biochemistry Instructor for Western Governors University (NCS Class of 2005) 

“NCS gave me an environment to start taking ownership of my faith. NCS also gave me a community of incredible friends that went on that journey with me, a concentrated group of people aiming for the same goal. It helped to teach me the value and necessity of community through faith, and the importance of challenging each other to continue to grow.”

-- Gregory Vandergrift, Doctoral Candidate in Chemistry at University of Victoria (NCS Class of 2011)

“I'm thankful for NCS because if I were to have gone to a public school I would have been a different person. Nanaimo Christian School has taught me to be a responsible young adult, not to follow the path of others but make my own path.”

-- Bradyn Libbus (NCS Class of 2020)

Parents & Grandparents


“I have been an NCS parent since 2004 and I love NCS because the teachers and staff have continually pushed and challenged themselves, the students, and many of us parents to grow, learn and understand not just what the education system wants them to teach our children but what God has called us all to do. Through the years I have witnessed so many examples of kindness, patience and forgiveness and during all the changes and challenges there is always humor, always a sense of community and always prayer.”

-- Raylene Manson, NCS parent

“We feel so blessed to be a part of NCS. We have seen so much spiritual growth in our boys since starting at NCS, and we are so grateful for that!”

-- Brielle Brilling, NCS parent

“I volunteer at Nanaimo Christian School because every day I see the staff giving freely of what they have to invest in our children and families. They’re creating a community that fosters every child (from so many different backgrounds) to be who God has called them to be. Nanaimo doesn’t have a large Christian population, and I am thrilled to see youth being discipled into leaders that are a light to our whole city.”

-- Jenn Tonsi, NCS parent, board member & alumnae

"I am so glad my grandson can be educated in a place where our Lord Jesus Christ is honored. He loves it there and I know he feels safe and that people care about him. God bless you all that have chosen such a path to teach and help our future generation."

-- ‘Oma’ Shirley Gremyachev, NCS grandparent

“Nanaimo Christian School has not only been a place of education and inspiration for our children for almost 10 years, but a place to grow spiritually, a place to be loved on, guided through, and embraced by the staff and students alike … like family - and, well...It IS family! And that's why we love NCS!”

-- Susan Boland, NCS parent

"My grandchildren adore school. Thank you for all you've done to make it such a happy and enriching place

for them."

-- ‘Meema' Gill Davies, NCS grandparent

“I am a single mom and my kids and I became a single mom family through some trauma. I couldn't afford to send them to the Christian school, but I also couldn't fathom sending them anywhere else after what we'd been through. I knew they needed Jesus' love and healing on a daily basis to not only function, but to eventually learn and thrive. Honestly, I believe that the staff at this school have "co-parented" my kids with me to help them be the incredible humans they are becoming. Thank you for giving me hope, peace of mind, God's love, renewed trust and thriving kids who get to break statistics.”

-- Anonymous NCS parent receiving tuition assistance



“I love the friendship and fellowship in our NCS community. Jesus is absolutely central to everything here, which is why I still -- after more than 20 years at NCS -- really do love coming in to work every day.”

-- Paul Henderson, High school teacher

“Moving into leadership has opened so many doors for me. I’m going to Learning Leaders meetings and I serve on the board of the Christian Principals Association and I’m planning conferences for the principals and for Christian Schools Canada and going to Deeper Learning Conferences. Our school has a passion for not only sharing what we’re doing but also learning from others and coming back excited to equip our staff with new ideas. For me it’s been so powerful.” 

-- Shannon Gillespie, Director of learning & teacher

“Recently I was able to attend the Educational Leadership Development Institute in Sumas, Washington. It gave me so much insight. I now feel comfortable doing recreational leadership with the students, something we’ve never done before. Staff professional development makes a difference in the lives of our students, athletes and volunteer parent coaches.”

-- Breanne Quist, Athletic director & teacher

“I love the atmosphere of love and commitment to seeing all our students grow and develop. Relentless hope for all kids!”

-- Lis Kroeker, Counselling staff

“I love working at NCS in no small part because of the sense of community among the staff and students. This community makes coming to work each day joyful.”

-- Amy Gain, Administrative assistant (Elementary School) & gym rentals coordinator

“Our technology program allows students to get academic credit for what they may be doing in their own free time anyway. One student recently went on to receive a university scholarship based on his work with video game design."

-- Alex Toews, High school teacher (at right)

“The teenage years are often times when students are pushing boundaries and discovering what it means to be their own adult.  Providing a place for teenagers to be supported by Christian adults who take an invested interest in their lives is something we value highly.”

-- Hayley Dueck, High school principal & teacher

“One aspect that we recently incorporated into our primary grades’ art program is the idea of creating beautiful work. Students have the opportunity to create multiple drafts of a piece of artwork, receiving specific feedback from their peers in between drafts. The resulting projects were simply amazing, and students took immense pride in their work.”

-- Kim Kirkbride, Elementary school assistant principal & teacher