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When You Make A Donation

Your donation to Nanaimo Christian School is managed with complete transparency and accountability. Here’s what happens when you make a donation to NCS:


Transfer of funds

Nanaimo Christian School accepts donations through a variety of means including: 

  • Cash

  • Cheque

  • Debit

  • Credit cards

  • Direct deposit

  • E-transfer

  • Money order

  • Shares

  • Property 

  • Approved forms of in-­kind donations


Tax receipts

Tax receipts will be issued for all funds up to and including December 31 of each year, in accordance with Canada Revenue Agency tax regulations. 



To ensure complete transparency and accountability, any donation under $2,000 will be reported to the Board and accompanied by a rationale as to how the donation will be spent. If there are specific instructions attached to the gift, the Development Office and/or Principal will share these with the Board. Any decision regarding a donation of $2,000 or greater will be made in conjunction with the Board. The Development Office and/or Principal may bring a recommendation to the Board as to its use.



All information pertaining to a donation is confidential and as such is to be protected from inappropriate distribution and/or publication. Distribution and publication of such information will be consistent with the donor's wishes and to the extent provided by law.



Nanaimo Christian School will recognize gifts and donations, with permission, or consider requests for recognition, so long as the gift or donation supports the mission of the school. The complete recognition policy will be provided upon request.


Corporate sponsorship

Recognition of major corporate support will be developed in cooperation with the corporate donors and will be consistent with the level of support and Nanaimo Christian School’s mission and purposes. Nanaimo Christian School will seek to develop recognition opportunities that are appropriate and meaningful for both the supporting companies and Nanaimo Christian School. The complete corporate sponsorship policy will be provided upon request.


Right of refusal

The school accepts donations only where they are ethical in nature and they are consistent with the mission and vision of Nanaimo Christian School. The school reserves the right to accept or refuse an offered donation.


Contact us at:  

250.754.4512 ext. 120 or


“I love that I can learn, explore my talents, and be in the presence of a community that loves God."

Muku, Grade 5

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