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Profile of NCS Graduates

Nanaimo Christian School helps students explore and nurture their God-given gifts. Our goal is to educate students so that, upon graduation from high school, they demonstrate:


Academic competence 

Our graduates have a firm academic foundation that extends above and beyond the province’s requirements. They are well-rounded individuals who have explored the arts, athletics, community service, vocation, and leadership. They are lifelong learners and creative problem solvers who use technology ethically, communicate effectively, and collaborate well with others.


Spiritual growth 

Our graduates have a solid Bible-based spiritual foundation. They know how to draw on the Bible for spiritual discernment and seek wise counsel on their faith journey. They are growing in their relationship with Jesus Christ, serving others and developing their God-given gifts as they live out God’s calling in their lives.


Lifestyle integrity

Our graduates have a strong foundation for intentional, conscientious living. They build healthy relationships, choose honesty and resolve conflict peacefully with others. They recognize God’s sovereignty over all things and are good stewards of God’s gifts in their lives. They see the big picture, valuing diversity and demonstrating cultural sensitivity and global awareness. 


“NCS provided me the foundation for my faith. I received discipleship from many teachers, each with a different way of instilling God's Word in my heart. I can remember clear lessons that taught me how to explain my testimony and how my beliefs related to my interest in science."

Melissa (Long) Brulotte, Ph.D., NCS Class of 2005

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