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NCS Tuition Assistance Program

Thanks to generous donors, the NCS tuition assistance program makes Christian education possible for nearly 100 students each year who wouldn’t otherwise be able to attend our school. 


Nanaimo Christian School’s tuition assistance program provides temporary financial assistance toward the payment of tuition fees for parents/guardians who are unable to pay the full cost of Christian education. 


General guidelines

Up to 50% of tuition support may be offered, pending the application review, in the first year with lower amounts provided in subsequent years. The goal of the program is to assist families in transitioning to independently covering the costs of tuition depending on individual circumstances. 


The total amount available for assistance is spread out among the applications on an as needed basis. Once the total amount has been allocated, no more applications will be received. 


Application process
  1. Complete the online tuition assistance application* by May 10.

  2. Applications are reviewed in confidence by the Finance Committee.

  3. Once reviewed by the finance committee, applicants are contacted by email by July 31 and informed of the level of assistance provided.


* Families who require tuition assistance MUST reapply each year, whether their financial situation has changed or not.



As you consider submitting an application, please make the request only if it is truly needed. We want to support families who otherwise wouldn’t be able to afford the cost of Christian education. Here are some specific circumstances that may determine application acceptance.


May be accepted if:

  • Loss of employment without the ability to replace income

  • Terminal or significant health issues without the ability to borrow

  • Marital breakdown without the ability to replace income

  • Willingness to pay a portion of the tuition


Will likely not be accepted if:

  • Ability to borrow funds

  • Ability to sell certain non-essential assets or investments

  • Chronic requests for tuition assistance where lifestyle suggests that spending is not well controlled

  • Lack of effort to raise money from friends, family and church

  • Evidence of spending demonstrating that tuition is not a priority (i.e. tropical vacations)

  • Unpaid tuition balances from previous years -- unless you arrange payment or a payment plan of the unpaid balances


Help a student in need

As a Christian community we gratefully acknowledge that everything has been given to us by God and that it is our responsibility to help carry one another’s burdens. That’s why we established the tuition assistance program. Will you help support a student? Donate now.


“I love the atmosphere of love and commitment to seeing all our students grow and develop. Relentless hope for all kids!"

Lis Kroeker, School counsellor

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