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9 Reasons to Choose NCS

Nanaimo Christian School is becoming known in the community as an excellent option for students and families looking for alternatives. We’ve met so many people who are looking for something more. You’ll find more at NCS. 


NCS is a place where students can belong, believe and achieve like never before. Here’s what our parents and students say about why they love NCS:


  1. A sense of belonging -- Students say they really appreciate the love and concern they feel from teachers and the sense of community they feel among the students.

  2. Character development -- We strongly emphasize the development of children’s morals and values. We do this through the Christian perspective

  3. High academic standards -- Fully accredited staff prepare students for university and a changing, competitive job market.

  4. Structured, student-centered learning -- Students focus on their interests in project-based learning whether in core subjects or electives such as robotics or graphic design. 

  5. Small class sizes -- Individual attention helps students more easily learn, make friends, and develop meaningful connections with teachers.  

  6. Supportive learning environment -- Teachers, EAs, school counsellors and other staff build strong relationships with students. 

  7. Extracurricular activities -- Experiences include athletics (basketball, volleyball, soccer, track, badminton), an engaging music program, theatre performances and more.

  8. Caring school families -- Students and parents become part of the school community, where they feel cared for and make lifelong connections.

  9. Beautiful location -- Our spacious 10-acre campus is located on beautiful Vancouver Island in the small city of Nanaimo. 


Right away, students feel the love at Nanaimo Christian School. They’re welcomed, noticed, encouraged and cared for. NCS is a place where their unique God-given gifts are celebrated. It is a place where they know that they belong and they are known for who God has created them to be. 



Everything we do and teach is rooted in the Christian faith and God’s Word. We go beyond rules and consequences to reach our students’ hearts and inspire Christ-like transformation.  We want them to love who God has called and created them to be.



At NCS we teach the curriculum provided by the BC Ministry of Education, but we do it our way.  We recognize that each student is unique and we are constantly changing how we teach to meet the needs of our students. Achievement isn’t measured only by academic excellence but also in seeing students achieve success in who God has called them to be.


“I’m encouraged to grow in my learning and in my faith at NCS. Everyone on staff cares about you and makes your learning the best it can be; pushing you to be your best."

Jenna, Grade 10

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