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Social Media & Online Safety
Keeping students safe online

Keeping students safe online, both at home and at school, is extremely important to us! The following resources are provided to help families navigate an ever-changing and incredibly difficult digital world.


Screenagers: Growing up in the Digital Age Resources


Screenagers: Next Chapter


More for parents of teens and tweens

"Why Social Media is Not Smart for Middle School Kids"


Axis: The Culture Translator

Weekly insight into how pop culture, technology, and media are influencing students. Equipping teachers and parents to start Biblically-based conversations.


"How to Talk with Your Kids About Pop Culture, Technology, and Social Media" 

Contact to request a copy!


Protect your teens: 7 apps and websites parents should be aware of

If you want to protect your kids you need to know where they are.


“NCS has not only been a place of education and inspiration for our children for almost 10 years but a place to grow spiritually, a place to be loved on, guided through, and embraced by the staff and students alike … like family -- and, well ... It IS family! And that's why we love NCS!"

Susan Boland, NCS parent

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