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7 things about middle school's new student support staff

Updated: Sep 21, 2021

Introducing a new learning support teacher and a new educational assistant in middle school at NCS.

Meet Mrs. Jessica Rand (left) and Mrs. Monique Koster, the newest additions to the middle school student support team at Nanaimo Christian School! Here are 7 things you need to know about them.

1) Mrs. Rand is a Learning Support Teacher and Mrs. Koster is an Educational Assistant.

2) Before coming to NCS Mrs. Rand was the Elementary Vice Principal and Intermediate French Teacher at Cedars Christian School in Prince George, BC. Mrs. Koster worked at a group home supporting people with brain injuries.

3) Mrs. Koster enjoys learning about the mysteries of the brain and how everyone uses them differently. "Working with students at NCS has given me the opportunity to see a whole different picture of how these beautiful brains work!"

4) If Mrs. Rand were an animal ... she would be a cat. "The idea of curling up in a cozy spot and taking naps whenever I feel like is pretty enticing."

5) Mrs. Koster loves hosting parties! "Cheese dip and olive tapenade are a couple of the 'tricks' I keep up my sleeve."

6) Mrs. Rand is mom to three boys. She loves reading and going for walks.

7) God has been teaching Mrs. Rand the importance of Sabbath. "He has put it on my heart to be more intentional with my time of Sabbath, soaking in the beauty of His creation and building my relationship with Jesus."

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