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7 Things About Miss Hannah Hughes

Introducing our newest Grade 1/2 teacher at NCS.

Over the next couple of weeks we'll be introducing new staff members joining our team at Nanaimo Christian School. Help us give them a warm welcome! 

Meet Miss Hannah Hughes! Here are 7 things you need to know about her.

1) New position at NCS

Grade 1/2 teacher

2) Before coming to NCS

I am a brand new teacher and this is my first classroom and school. Before becoming a teacher, I worked in before and after school care with a focus on vulnerable children.

3) Favorite thing about teaching

I love the connections that I am able to make with students and the light we are able to shine into each other’s lives. I learn so much from students and want to help them be all that God has called them to be.

4) If I were a crayon ...

I would be white. White is a cooperative and collaborative crayon that is enhanced by the wonder of another medium. For me, I am enhanced by relationships and collaboration with others and, most importantly, my best shines through when God is able to paint His grace and love into my life.

5) Secret talent or party trick

Baking is my secret talent. It is also always a hit at a party.

6) Hobbies

I love looking in tide pools and seeing all the wonder of things God has created in these miniature ecosystems. I also love swimming in the ocean and have enjoyed getting to know Nanaimo’s ocean spots. I also love to paint, listen to music and sing, often at the same time.

7) God has been teaching me

Take time to rest. When I rest I can feel the presence of God and hear Him speak. In all of these crazy and uncertain times I have learned that stepping back and taking even a moment for a deep breath can be incredibly restorative. It reminds me where my trust and hope lie.

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