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Anatomy 12 students show and tell about fetal pig dissection

Updated: Feb 16, 2022

The Grade 12 students set up stations in Grade 3-5 classrooms, answered questions, and shared their learning.

This week at Nanaimo Christian School, the Grade 12 anatomy class dissected fetal pigs and invited those in grades 3-5 who felt comfortable to view the various organs.

The younger students were able to hold the brain and other organs, see the four heart chambers, and find out where each organ fits in. Grade 3-5 students happen to be in the middle of a unit on body systems, so they asked really good questions of the older students, who were patient and knowledgeable teachers.

What a memorable day for everyone and a wonderful way to see God's design of His creation -- so intricate, intentional and marvellous!

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