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Annual NCS Sports Awards Night

This year we were so glad to be back to celebrating our athletes in person!

Last night we celebrated our student athletes at Nanaimo Christian School's annual Athletics Awards night. We want to first thank all those who were able to attend as we celebrated the athletes after two long years of our sports looking very different from the past.

Congratulations to our award Winners

Cross Country

M.V.P. - Jada Kamerman


M.V.P. - Jada Kamerman; M.V.P. - Ryland Borzel; M.I.P. - Lilienne Ruddick

Jr. Boys Volleyball

M.V.P. - Vince vanBaaren; M.I.P. - Cayle McConville; Heart of the Sport - Reid Elston

Jr. Girls Volleyball (2 teams)

M.V.P. - Elizabeth Rocha; M.I.P. - Rebekah Kempner; Heart of the Sport - Sophia Ramsey

M.V.P. - Victoria Somers; M.I.P. - Claire Kingsley; Heart of the Sport - Renee Vanderkooi

Sr. Boys Volleyball

M.V.P. - Cole Libbus; M.V.P. - Austin Wilson; M.I.P. - Andrew Ellis;

Heart of the Sport - Owen Phillips

Sr. Girls Volleyball

M.V.P. - Olivia Phillips; M.I.P. - Keziah Kovacs; Heart of the Sport - Naomi Vivian

Team Spirit - Kelly Jenkins

Grade 8 Boys Basketball

M.V.P. - Cassius Russell; M.I.P. - Dylan Legrow; Heart of the Sport - Ryder Wilson

Defensive - Markus Humble

Jr. Boys Basketball

M.V.P. - Ethan Reid; M.I.P. - Robert Williams; Heart of the Sport - Nathan Cody

Defensive - Vince vanBaaren

Jr. Girls Basketball

M.V.P. - Nicole Hobbs; M.I.P. - Hayden Hugh; Heart of the Sport - Jade McConville

Defensive - Ava Manshanden

Sr. Boys Basketball

M.V.P. - Calvin Vanderkooi; M.V.P. - Jackson Tonsi; M.I.P. - Owen Phillips

Heart of the Sport - Nate Schmidt; Defensive - William Johnson

Sr. Girls Basketball

M.V.P. - Naomi Vivian; M.I.P. - Rebekah Kempner; Heart of the Sport - Rian Stansal

Defensive - Natalie Faganello


M.V.P. - Sam Kurytnik

eSports (Rocket League)

M.V.P. - Jack Hurley; M.I.P. - Andrew Ellis; Heart of the Sport - David Hurley


M.V.P. - Aiden Clemence; M.I.P. - Rhys Cahill; Heart of the Sport - Aiden Clemence

We want to say a huge THANK YOU to all coaches and teacher sponsors who continually give of their time to coach and support our athletes. It is no small commitment to give your time but the time given makes such a huge difference and we appreciate all that you have done and continue to do! Also thanks to the Culinary Arts 11/12 class for making all the delicious desserts for the evening.

We want to also celebrate those students who are graduating this year but have made an impact through athletics at our school. We will miss them on our teams next year but wish them well as they start the next chapter of their lives. We hope that they are able to continue the sports that they love through playing at the next level, finding intramural leagues, coaching the next generation and possibly even refereeing. Congratulations to: Kalea Dupont, Natalie Faganello, Keoh Holder, David Hurley, Jack Hurley, Kelly Jenkins, Keziah Kovacs, Cole Libbus, Maggie McKnight, Charis Moody, Jonah Regner, Isaiah Russel, Nate Schmidt, Evan Swanstrom and Austin Wilson.

While we still started this season by having many restrictions and no spectators, we are looking forward to next year allowing all spectators back to celebrate our athletes and encourage them from the sidelines!

Please contact Bre Quist ( if you would like to be involved in any sports volunteering next year. We are looking for coaches, scorekeepers or help on our Sr Girls Basketball Provincial Tournament committee.

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