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CHEK News: Nanaimo principal sings 'Little Mermaid' rendition

Updated: Aug 31, 2020

Nanaimo principal sings ‘Little Mermaid’ rendition as part of incredible Zoom challenge with students.

Story by CHEK News reporter Graham Cox

If you’re an educator, principal or part of any school faculty on Vancouver Island, it is time to take note as a new bar has just been set when it comes to connecting with students through video conferencing platforms.

The principal of Nanaimo Christian School, James Sijpheer, has delivered a gift to students at his school through an original rendition of “Part of Your World” from Disney’s The Little Mermaid. Much like the Disney classic song that features a mermaid, Ariel, singing about longing to live with humans on land, Sijpheer’s version – dubbed ‘Back in the School’ – boasts lyrics about longing to be back learning with students.

“I want to be where the students are. I want to want to see them learning. Sitting around in those … what do you call them? Oh seats,” Sijpheer sings as video clips show empty classrooms and hallways around Nanaimo Christian School.

See Mr. Sijpheer singing on the April 21, 2020 CHEK News 6pm newscast. (Skip ahead to 44:59 for his segment.)

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