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Congrats to 2020 grad athlete Bradyn!

Updated: Aug 25, 2020

Bradyn and his coaches reflect on his athletic career at NCS.

“Being an athlete NCS has definitely had an impact on my game play. I have learned to respect all members on and off the court even if they are my rivals, but I can also have that strong intensity.”

— Bradyn, grade 12

Congratulations to Bradyn and all of our 2020 grade 12 athletes at Nanaimo Christian School! What a joy it has been to celebrate your unique gifts and watch you grow into the person God has called you to be.

“Bradyn has probably spent more hours in the gym than many other athletes at NCS. Bradyn represented NCS as a basketball and volleyball athlete this year and has represented NCS in track and field and swimming as an athlete in the past as well as a coach for football, volleyball and other activities for the middle school athletes (and even Jr boys volleyball this year). Bradyn is also a very successful motocross racer and an all-around athlete.

Bradyn is the type of athlete that as a coach you are happy to have on your team and as a captain is someone you are glad others look up to. Bradyn hustles like crazy, gives 100% and is usually the one to rally his teammates to put the foot on the gas and push their limits. As his basketball coach I know that next season will not be the same without his tenacity on the court but I am so thankful that he was an integral part of our team over the last few years.”

— Coach Bre (Sr Boys Basketball Coach)

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