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Families Helping Families initiative makes a difference during pandemic

Updated: Sep 30, 2020

Thank you to everyone who volunteered to prepare meals, buy grocery gift cards, pray for our community, and more since March.

Thank you to our amazing NCS parents, students and staff who volunteered to support NCS families during COVID through our Families Helping Families initiative last spring and summer. At last count, 35 NCS families were helped by 36 NCS volunteers/families.

Together our NCS community came together to meet several needs:

  • $10,000+ in donations by 15 families for the COVID tuition relief fund

  • 12 grocery gift cards @ $50 each ($600 total value)

  • 19 meals prepared/purchased and delivered

  • 3 dedicated prayer volunteers + our NCS prayer group

  • 2 yard work sessions at homes of single parents

  • 2 home garden consults by an expert landscaper parent

  • 2 online meetups: games nights, parent support group

  • 1 volunteer professional counsellor who offered free sessions

  • 4 resources shared: anxiety relief, fitness, hiking, local online church directory

Thank you for making all of this possible!

Would you like to help out? Donate here. Sign up to volunteer here.

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