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For the first time ever NCS has two provincially ranked teams

Senior volleyball is heating up just past the midpoint of the season

For the first time in the history of NCS two teams are currently provincially ranked, and they are high up on the list! Over the course of the season a group of people take a look at scores, teams played, and tournaments competed in to create a provincial ranking, updated almost weekly. This allows teams to see where they stand among other teams and celebrates successes along the way. The most recent volleyball rankings have come out for the week of Oct 14. Not only are both the Senior Girls (grade 11/12) and Senior Boys (also grade 11/12) volleyball teams ranked, they are in the top 5 teams in the province. Our girls are ranked #3 in the province and the Boys are #4 in the province. This comes after a lot of hard work with our teams winning against AAA and AAAA teams or pushing them to 3rd sets.

"It's funny to think back to the years when NCS used to be considered almost non-competitive in volleyball, and comparing it to where we are now. As for this season, Coach Troy Libbus and I have encouraged our athletes to set ambitious goals, and we believe we are just seeing the beginning of what our athletes can accomplish." - Alex Tanaka, Senior Boys Volleyball head coach

This year is momentous. We may see our first set of teams attending the provincial championships at the same time. The girls provincials will be taking place in Castlegar while the boys have already punched their ticket to provincials as the 2021 host school. Both championships will be taking place Dec 1-4, 2021. Be on the lookout for the info to sign up and volunteer to score keep and call the lines for a front row seat in the NCS gym for the boys' provincials. Watch for a link to watch the live stream for the girls' provincials

To see the full write up and full provincial rankings for the week of Oct 14 (girls) and Oct 20 (boys), please click on the links below:


Previous provincial rankings for NCS teams:

  • Several years ago in 2018 our Senior Girls Volleyball team was provincially ranked all season long on their way to hosting provincials - a tournament in which they lost to the gold medal team in the semi finals but ended up taking home bronze.

  • That same Senior Girls Volleyball team saw some provincial rankings along the way the year before and had their first provincials experience where they finished 9th in 2017.

  • Our Senior Boys basketball team was provincially ranked in 2018-2019 where they had their first provincials experience and finished 11th.

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