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Future plans for the NCS Class of 2022

Updated: Aug 4, 2022

Grads reflect on their NCS experience as they plan to attend university or enter the workforce.

Graduates of Nanaimo Christian School's Class of 2022 are heading off in several directions in the fall. Some will join the workforce while others will pursue degrees in nursing, business, and other fields at the University of British Columbia, Vancouver Island University, Western University, Camosun College and McMaster University.

This graduating class has the school's highest percentage of students moving into university-level post secondary education and has received the highest amount of scholarships and awards in history of NCS. Well done, Class of 2022!

When asked how NCS impacted their lives, character and faith, here's what a few of them said:

"NCS has been where I grew up and became my own person. Every teacher I have gotten to know has positively impacted me in some way, big or small. I have been able to recognize my gifts and passions through encouragement and support over the years, and I feel confident in pursing the things I love because I had an environment to thrive and explore different opportunities in."

-- Maggie McKnight

"NCS has played a huge part in the person I am today. I have attended since 2008 beginning in preschool, so I learned to read, write and everything here. NCS has positively impacted my life in almost every way, shaping my faith and even my goals moving forward. I will definitely miss the sense of community here."

-- Owen Johnston

"The community of both well-behaved students and teachers who actually cared about the students impacted me really positively. We were encouraged to pursue our interests, no matter what they were, and I'm sure everyone grew from that."

-- William Rogers

"Words can't describe how amazing my NCS experience has been. The teachers and community are so genuinely kind and caring. They care about more than just your academics but who you are as a person. I would not be the person I am today without this school. It has provided me with amazing leadership opportunities that have shaped my future. The school has shaped my faith and helped me to make it my own. I'm so incredibly thankful!"

-- Jenna Taylor

"NCS has greatly impacted my personal growth throughout my time here. I have discovered so much about what I believe through conversation and engaging with intentional curriculum. Learning about the world with a faith lens has deepened my understanding of both the world and God, and ignited a passion to further that learning. Being a part of NCS has left me with a greater sense of community; from being involved in activities like student council and band, to making some amazing friends. I value all of the friendships I have been blessed to make throughout my high school journey. High school at NCS, particularly senior high, has been an amazing experience and I feel ready to enter university."

-- Emma Bellsmith

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