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Grade 3-5 students celebrate our beloved janitor, Mr. Rodney

As Mr. Rodney arrives in Building C for his shift, he is moved by the 100+ birthday wishes from students.

Last week at Nanaimo Christian School one of our janitorial crew, Mr. Rodney, celebrated a birthday. That day when he arrived for his shift he walked through Building C to see 100+ thoughtful birthday wishes from grade 3-5 students. Students had lined their cubbies the entire length of the hallway with handmade cards and cupcakes. Classroom whiteboards were decorated with encouraging notes and artwork for him.

You can see his reaction in the video above. Mr. Rodney, who has a hearing impairment, is a much loved member of our school. He works tirelessly and joyfully to take good care of our facilities.

P.S. We've noticed that, especially since Mr. Rodney's birthday, students have become more mindful about picking up their garbage when it hits the floor, leaving less of a mess for Mr. Rodney to clean up. We are learning what it means to live in community and care well for others.

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