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Grades K-5 welcome more than 200 grandparents & grandfriends

Updated: May 23, 2023

Our grandparents and grandfriends visited classrooms, joined us for lunch at the parent cottages and watched the student-produced opera.

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Today Kindergarten through Grade 5 students welcomed more than 200 special visitors to Grandparent's & Grandfriend's Day at Nanaimo Christian School. Grandparents and grandfriends visited classrooms, joined us for lunch at the parent cottages, and some stayed to watch the student-produced opera: "The Lion, the Witch & the Wardrobe."

The grandparents/friends were so engaged in doing hands-on activities and welcoming other friends who didn’t have someone to join them today in the classroom. Some were learning how to solve a math problem using a different subtraction strategy than what they knew. Some were listening to reading. Others were comparing prices of things, such as a chocolate, stamp or movie ticket.

Some were being interviewed and asked how they got to school when they were in elementary school. One grandparent said that her son completed Grade 1 in this same class as her granddaughter is doing right now.

"We had a wonderful day visiting 2 of our grandkids in their classroom and watching a third in the opera." -- Brian Robertson, NCS grandparent

Thank you to all the grandparents/friends who visited! What a gift to have you involved in these precious students' lives!

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