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Help raise $50,000 for extracurricular activities in 2021-22

The 2021-22 fundraising campaign kicks off now, supporting athletics and performing arts with a $50,000 goal


You want to see kids discover and cultivate their God-given gifts, and so do we! Together, our donations to this year's annual fundraising campaign will make that possible by meeting two pressing needs at Nanaimo Christian School:

  • A 15-passenger van for teams and clubs to travel

  • Stage equipment for chapel and performing arts (microphones, speakers, cords, stage light, stage curtain, etc.)

“The bonding that happens when teams are able to travel to tournaments together is key to a strong athletics program, so getting a reliable travel option would only help with the successes we are seeing.” -- Breanne Quist, Athletic Director


With more students, we have more teams and groups needing to travel to tournaments and performances. A 15-passenger van is efficient and can be driven by all staff. For chapel and performing arts we’ve had to rent all the technology required for these events. If we own the equipment, students can practice and perform more effectively.

THE GOAL: $50,000

Our goal is to raise as much as we can by December 31 ... $10,000 would be good, $20,000 would be great, but do you think $50,000 is possible? How amazing would this be! The total cost of the proposed van and stage equipment is $50,000. Get info and fundraising updates.


Help with fundraising. Do you know someone who could offer a discounted rate on a van or stage equipment? Are you a natural at making phone-a-thon calls to ask for donations? Contact us at 250-754-4512 ext. 120 or Or make a donation.


You are blessed to be a blessing! Thank you for investing in the lives of children and helping them to truly thrive. Your support makes an incredible difference now and for decades to come.

“Our kids work diligently on programs for the community, but unless we can actually hear them, much of that work goes unnoticed! Equipment that is onsite for rehearsals before a final performance would be greatly appreciated.” -- Melanie Vanstone, K-5 Music Teacher
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