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High school production of Annie delights audiences

Updated: Jun 15, 2022

Many students discover new God-given talents their first time on stage June 2-4.

And that’s a wrap! What an amazing production of Annie on June 2-4 from our High School Musical Theatre team. Several of these students had never performed live on stage before due to pandemic restrictions. It was inspiring to see them really shine and to watch some of them discover the God-given talent they didn't know they had until now.

The audience gave the production great reviews:

"Congrats everyone! Well done!"

"They did a fantastic job!"

"Every single one of those kids should be so proud of themselves. I took my kindergartener and she was absolutely transfixed- you all did a fabulous job!! Thank you for entertaining us."

"A great cast and lead and a great show."

We are thankful to have been able to perform on stage live this year and we look forward to many more years ahead!

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