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High school students try out Paralympic sports in P.E. class

Updated: May 17, 2021

Grade 9/10 students understand barriers and build empathy playing wheelchair basketball and more during adapted sports unit at NCS.

Grade 9/10 P.E. class spent the last few weeks learning what it takes to be a Paralympian during our adapted sports unit. There are many barriers for some to participate in sports -- whether from birth or someone returning to sport after a life-altering injury -- that those of us without barriers can so easily take for granted. Through this unit, students were able to participate in several activities including a few Paralympic sports such as seated volleyball and wheelchair basketball.

They also had the opportunity Zoom with Peter Isherwood, a former wheelchair rugby athlete and current table tennis Paralympic Games hopeful for Canada in Paris 2024. Pete connected with us to discuss the obstacles he faced in recovery, the community support he received and joy of competition. The goal was not just to educate our students on the barriers, but also to build empathy for those who face barriers in sports and everyday life.

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