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Middle school students present 'Genius Hour' projects to parents and peers

Presentations ranged from stop-motion film making to origami, German soft pretzels, learning Korean, and chicken tractors.

Since January at Nanaimo Christian School, middle school students have been working hard on their Genius Hour projects each week. Students chose a subject that they would like to learn more about and then did a deep dive into learning about it.

Projects included fostering kittens, stop-motion film making, origami, sewing pillows to raise funds for the SPCA, Star Wars, German soft pretzels, learning Korean, raising meat chickens and building chicken tractors to till and fertilize soil.

Genius Hour culminated in a presentation day in the NCS gym. Grade 6-8 students set up stations and Grade 3-5 students and middle school families were invited to tour the stations and hear from the students about their learning. It was an engaging experience for all involved!

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