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Mr. Sijpheer shares COVID reminders and clarification

Updated: Sep 9, 2021

Watch a video explaining the school's health and safety measures and how we as a community can still have unity.

As there have been many questions concerning COVID that continue to come in, we wanted to explain our school's COVID health and safety measures. These are all included in the Student-Parent Handbooks sent out to parents last week. See the above video for more details. We continue to require students and staff to complete a daily health check before coming to school and stay home when sick.

When a student, staff or other adult can return to school depends on the type of symptoms they experienced and if a COVID-19 test is recommended. See the K-12 Health Check app and BCCDC “When to get tested for COVID-19” resources for specific guidance. Staff, students and parents/caregivers can also use the BCCDC online Self-Assessment Tool, or call 8-1-1 or their health care provider.

We know that some people feel the measures are too restrictive and others feel that they are not stringent enough. Despite these differences, we can still be a strong unified community.

Our prayer is that we would be a school community that continues to be unified, and that we would continue to love each other in spite of our different opinions on vaccinations and mask wearing. Unity matters to God.

"All people will know you are my followers if you love each other." -- John 13:35

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