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Mrs. Gain recognized by local radio station on Admin Professionals' Day

Updated: May 31, 2022

Local radio 102.3FM The Wave received the nomination and celebrated our NCS elementary school secretary with flowers.

This year on Administrative Professionals' Day April 28, Nanaimo Christian School's elementary school Administrative Assistant Mrs. Amy Gain received a special nomination and was the winner of 102.3FM radio's prize, a bouquet of flowers.

Mrs. Gain's nomination was made by her co-worker Maree Armich, who works in the NCS business office:

The Angel Mrs. Amy Gain

My lovely co-worker Mrs. Amy Gain is well deserving of an acknowledgement on Administrative Professionals' Day. Amy works at Nanaimo Christian School and for years has had her arms wide open to anyone who walks through the doors. She supplies the hundreds of parents comfort and ease knowing she is welcoming each of their children by name, and helping them with any of their needs as they come to her throughout her day. Whether its a band aid, late slip, juice box or joke, she always has the solution and sends everyone on their way feeling much better. The only downfall to Amy is that she is unaware of how much of a positive contribution she makes to everyone's day around her. We need more Amys in the world! Thank you Mrs. Amy Gain, we love and appreciate you!

We are blessed to have a professional and caring team that helps keep the school run smoothly. If you have had a child in elementary school you will have met Mrs. Gain and will know that she is much loved by all of the students and staff. Congratulations, Mrs. Gain!

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